Thursday, December 8, 2011

''.. woke me up to reality and I'm glad..''

This is the question I have wanted to ask you : Have you ever bumped in with a friend and you were trying to be friendly so you poured all your confidence out there to say Hi and suddenly instead of saying Hi back he judge you like OMG, You look like a 20 year old!
Yea, that my friend, is a killjoy. First of all, i got worse than looking like a 20 year old. Some actually asked how many kids do I have. That is insulting. Its like asking how are you with your baby bump when you actually don't have one and not married and not preggers. Sounds familiar? But what's embarassing was that person said it so loud and your friend and his friend heard it and .. Laughed! It could get worst but like who do they think they are? Don't they have a life or at least a good manner? Actually what happened next was that I answered, ''Thanks, I take that as a compliment then,'' Only god knows how I felt. My confidence went down the hill. I was cursing inside. It killed my mood for shopping. BUT, after a not so long time thinking about it, HEY, I really should take that as an advantage. Like maybe that person was just being brutally honest with you. So, what I am about to say is that, what happened has its reasons. After what happened to me, I took about the way i dress and how I look like more seriously. That moment was embarassing, yes, but It woke me up to reality and I'm glad that happened sooner than later. But the next time this happens, you'll know what to do. Just smile and thank them. You'll need a strong confidence and start loving yourself before letting people love you.


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