Friday, December 9, 2011

While the world isn't always fair..

So, today is a new day and I decided to do a favour for myself for now and the future. Theres a lot of things in mind but i'm taking baby steps at a time. I'm starting off with my face. I intend to have blemishes and visible acne since, i can't even remember. I'm fed up with buying really expensive skincare that are not so promising. Reality check here, while its not always fair, we are often judged by our appearance. According to evolutionary biologist, our skin is the most important trait (physical) that attracts one person to another.In my case, I intend to look older than my age. Something I need to work on. Starting with having clear skin. Clear skin is Sexy skin, people! Today is my first day to use Proactiv 3 step solution which is made from US of A. I discovered this goodies on Youtube! Yes! Youtube! I've watched videos from Katy Perry to Avril Lavigne, To Justin Bieber, Julianne Hough, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Love Hewitt and a lot more celebrities and Real people as well. Once I saw it, I never hold back. I can't wait to try it out. My skin will look so fresh, clean and young again! Yay me :D 

See! Justin is using it too :D

 here is a video of Sammi with her acne problem and how proactiv changed her life! 

To watch more videos, log on to and search for Proactiv. Or just simply go to their official website, and You'll see how many amazing people's life has changed! Do a better change for yourself today.

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