Sunday, December 4, 2011

".. and losing you was the biggest mistake.. "

It is scary to see how fast december has dropped by.

What i can say about 2011? Well overall, it was bittersweet to think about all that had happened. Starting off with me moving to Putra Heights and I studied at SMK USJ 4 for a month. Then, I moved to SMK STAD in Seremban which was a huge experience so far. Throughout the time, i had my meltdowns and struggles and I got up and faced it. But you know what, I wont trade it for anything. I believe those experiences are those that make us stronger and let us build a new character of ourselves and we get to know something new about ourselves or someone else's. We get to learn to handle with situations and definitely learn from our mistakes. I know I did. A lot of drama throughout this year. But somehow It was somehow interesting. Think of it now, typing this, makes me laugh and giggle. I made true friends on this journey. I lost some too. But the most sad moment i faced was that I lost my Best Friend of all times, My Journal. I don't know where would it be now but, apart of me died because of you. I'm so sorry I was reckless and losing you was the biggest mistake. I hope wherever you are, you'll be as amazing. In that journal I wrote about everything that meant the world to me and that was the only thing that made me feel safe. But life goes on right? You guys reading this might laugh at me but this odd thing is what made me.. Me. :') gosh! I'm tearing up.
Lets continue.
I have gained other new experience too with my Public Speaking, hostel lifestyle, improving my Bahasa and all kinds. So, next year is going to be a major one. SPM is coming up. To make it even more complicated, I am moving back to SMK USJ 4 but I'm okay with it. I'm looking forward with what I'll go through again. To all my friends, Thank You for everything :') Take care.

With Lots of Love , Maisarah Zainal

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