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SPM in 18 weeks!

Hey guys! my post title is pretty self-explanatory so I should just jump in to the conclusion.

I have about 18 weeks to really get motivated and revise everything. SPM is a huge deal! It determines my future. A bright future. I know I'll regret my entire life if I didn't do my best. I'm probably not that smart of a student but I'm sure I don't want to think back and said, "If I only.." or "I should've.." . Lately I'm getting a little bit overwhelmed and totally freaked out when I counted the days until THE DAY. It's terrifying. So, Good luck to all candidates out there! I'm sure need some luck over here. May the odds be ever in our favor  xo

Saturday, March 10, 2012


There's a global issue going on lately. Its about a man named Joseph Kony. I bet most of you have watched the video that went viral a few days ago. I was really moved by the 30 minutes video. It was long, yes, but It was worth my time. 30 minutes were enough for me to understood and get educated about the issue. Of course a few minutes after I've watched it, I did my part in spreading the news via twitter and facebook. That same night, it trended worldwide etc #StopKony2012 #MakeKonyFamous #InvisibleChildren and so on. Then, everyone was aware and was very supportive. Until one day, people claim it was a fraud and it was a total Bullsh*t. To be honest, I was deeply hurt inside. How could people say such a thing? I checked the total views on Kony 2012 video and It was over 2 mil but also over 20 000 people disliked it. I was shocked! A youtuber also encourage us to educate first before go all crazy about this issue. Honestly, we have to go all crazy about this. It was long overdue. He must be arrested and sent to justice this year, 2012. Still don't get it? check out this video below after you've done reading. What made me more frustrated was to see friends of mine who used to claim themselves supporters and now they just changed their mind. The true meaning of support is when you're 100% committed. Nothing can changed your mind. Nobody can tell you to stop supporting. Why would you claim yourself a supporter when you're clearly listening to what people have to say? Clearly you're not in it for the right reason. That's what I call, Two-Faced. Its sad for me to hear such a thing. To clear the air, I am SURE that JOSEPH KONY is out there! It is my responsibility to spread awareness too. If you're not interested. Fine. You're missing out. Heartless people go nowhere further in life anyways.

To all those true supporters out there, keep on spreading! It will never end until he is sent to justice. We can do this! Don't give up!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


this is currently trending worldwide in Twitter. I personally think this is a good kind of trend. It help people to realize what they, the society have to stop doing. These are some things people got to say.

In my opinion, things that people should stop doing is being such an egoist and a show off. I'm saying this just based on my experiences. These days I find a lot of people who are so hard-headed. I can't help but get so annoyed. And I'm hoping is one day people take this issue seriously. Stop thinking about yourself when what you do to other people, it will end up being a backfire to you. What goes around, comes around.

I'm singing my blues

BigBang - Blue :')

BigBang - Blue (English Version)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

You'll realized

Everyday you wake up, the sun haven't rises. You're awake but some parts of you felt dead. You're ready to walk out that front door. Knowing your loved ones expect a lot in you. There you are, standing as a grown man today. Everybody looked at you. They see a strong, confident person. Deep inside, you question everything. Your Destiny, Your Existence, even Your Life Purposes. You've been through all sorts of downs but never seem to be worth the energy to get back up.  But the true meaning of life is, you won't understand the why's and how's. You just gotta keep moving forward even though It hurts. Eventually, you'll realized all that matters during your existence is your choices. Its all up to you. You're depressed because you chose to continue with being one. so, Stop questioning, Start Living to the fullest.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's Different Now

There are days where we just wish time would stop and wait for us to catch up. Cause it flies too fast now we can't help but grow up. Its the stage where you try to discover yourself. But nobody can help it only your dear self. Its the time where you thought it would be easy how it turn out. Yet all you can do now is to try reaching out. Don't give up after what you've gone through. As destiny is always waiting for you.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

''.. fantasize about it .."

I just discover my brand new obsession with cameras!

Cameras to me is something everyone need to capture unique moments with your loved ones or simply being vain in an ordinary teenager's life, I know us girls do most of that. But even though its an obsession it doesn't mean I'm into ALL types of cameras. I am only interested in specifically 3 kinds which I find very interesting and cool in their own ways. So, I'm going to share my reasons why I simply adore each and one of them. I number them in a decrease numbering so that will show which one I like most.

The 3rd place goes to..



This camera is very vintage-looking, which I love! Its simply a toy camera because it's really light weighted but unique and it gives those kind of effects that an ordinary toy camera wouldn't offer. I choose yellow and white simply because I love yellow and the white colour gives it a more vintage feel to it instead of black. Most diana cameras are in all sorts of colours so you would have a good choice on which colour you might be looking for. The photos taken is really lomography and it also gives that soft and romantic effect. So 1960's! My downside about this camera would be the inconvenience. I find it hard for me because it's not instant.

2nd choice?


Obviously this camera is totally the opposite from the dianas. This is more modern because Its a digital camera, duh! I simply like this camera because of its effects and lens. Not to mention, the colour. Of course there are other colours as well. I can see myself with the camera almost anywhere. I can capture all kinds of photos like any digital cameras could. But what makes it unique to me is that it is like an ordinary digital camera in term of the size but the effects and details are just like those DSLR. I dislike DSLR because it is too big to hold and this, nikon 1 is ideal :) This also means my Tumblr, blog and facebook page will be spam with lots of photos.

my favourite of all is of course..



ITS GREAT AND FITS ME PERFECTLY! I've been in love with polaroids since I was little but I thought its no more available in stores but yay, they're here! Its very convenient because its instant. Snap it and it prints out! I do write in my journals so, basically these polaroids are more suitable for my theme. Very retro, vintage and yet, simple and beautiful. Its big but light weighted, and film are wide enough. But, yea, the films are very costly so only special moments will be captured with this camera.

So yea, that's about it. Everybody have obsessions and finally I have another one to keep me busy. But sadly, I don't have the money to own each one. Its simply an obsession on something I don't have yet but hopefully I will own one someday. No money, No talk right? haha. But knowing me, Talking about it in a blog and fantasize about it is no harm right? :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

my little confessions

There are some meltdowns I faced in 2011 and I know I should let go of the past but my intention posting this was maybe in some way when people read it, they can get something out of it as a lesson maybe? so in this post, I am not pointing fingers at anybody alright. There is one thing that I am pretty suprised with. While I was in STAD, basically I spent my whole time with my dorm mates, my best friends but I never actually thought that they would miss me as much back when I leave. Because most of the times I do feel left out with my friends that are my age you know. I will end up knowing some old news about some things when I actually sit with them and whenever they spill them out, I have to ask just so that I can get to know more. Sounds silly right? I know I didn't really mingle around people a lot but you know, It kinda makes me feel like, I'm the least person they would like to talk to. I know some people who was annoyed with me and simply hates me that whole entire time so my mind was thinking like maybe I will never be truly happy or truly be likable to people and will never fit in. I was mentally bullied and some also physically but you know, I can't believe I survived and went through all of that in like, 10 months. Other than my mom in need for my help around the house, the reason why I left was because I really thought I wouldn't be truly happy and truly be who I really am. As you guys might not know, I made a Throughout the Years 2011 video on my previous post and I talked about how I was in STAD. Leave that happiness aside for awhile, I definitely changed in a bad way as well. So, I really didn't like hearing and seeing the some sort of beast part of me and Its not healthy for me. But right now I'm feeling rather guilty leaving those who really appreciate me for who I am and honestly I didn't see that coming. You never know what you got til it's gone huh? I am truly sorry for everything. But honestly maybe some of you guys reading this might think like this whole thing about me leaving seems like I am running away from my problems and I look like such a coward because I rather leave than facing and handling and fixing them but it is easy for some of you guys to say that. This is just a part of it. Besides, SPM is coming really soon so, I don't have the time to pampered my emotions and you know, worry about silly things so that was how I want to fix my situation. I'm not running from anything really. I hope some of you guys understood what my messages were in this post. But I wouldn't change anything to get those kind of experience. :')

I am Maisarah and this is my  last words. May all that had happen becomes another memory to remember by and another moment to cherish for life. I will always be the girl who isn't as popular but has quite a few people who will always be there when I need them to.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

but Life still goes on with or without..

I thought leaving was easy and it was what I really wanted but it goes to show, every move you make, there are responsibilities you take. My dear Chaq just made a post about me on her blog. She definitely successfully made me cry like crazy. I miss all the moments we had for the past year and I'm sorry for leaving. This also thought me that I should appreciate more with what I have. I have wonderful friends and one of them is you, Afyfa Syahirah :') Through thick and thin. We had our ups and downs but we manage to be so close. I regret not spending time with you on my last of school. Do know that I didn't know that I'm moving on that day so, please don't be mad at me. One more year ahead and we're free, Afy. <3 Goodluck for everything ya. I love you so much!



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Friday, December 9, 2011

While the world isn't always fair..

So, today is a new day and I decided to do a favour for myself for now and the future. Theres a lot of things in mind but i'm taking baby steps at a time. I'm starting off with my face. I intend to have blemishes and visible acne since, i can't even remember. I'm fed up with buying really expensive skincare that are not so promising. Reality check here, while its not always fair, we are often judged by our appearance. According to evolutionary biologist, our skin is the most important trait (physical) that attracts one person to another.In my case, I intend to look older than my age. Something I need to work on. Starting with having clear skin. Clear skin is Sexy skin, people! Today is my first day to use Proactiv 3 step solution which is made from US of A. I discovered this goodies on Youtube! Yes! Youtube! I've watched videos from Katy Perry to Avril Lavigne, To Justin Bieber, Julianne Hough, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Love Hewitt and a lot more celebrities and Real people as well. Once I saw it, I never hold back. I can't wait to try it out. My skin will look so fresh, clean and young again! Yay me :D 

See! Justin is using it too :D

 here is a video of Sammi with her acne problem and how proactiv changed her life! 

To watch more videos, log on to and search for Proactiv. Or just simply go to their official website, and You'll see how many amazing people's life has changed! Do a better change for yourself today.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

''.. woke me up to reality and I'm glad..''

This is the question I have wanted to ask you : Have you ever bumped in with a friend and you were trying to be friendly so you poured all your confidence out there to say Hi and suddenly instead of saying Hi back he judge you like OMG, You look like a 20 year old!
Yea, that my friend, is a killjoy. First of all, i got worse than looking like a 20 year old. Some actually asked how many kids do I have. That is insulting. Its like asking how are you with your baby bump when you actually don't have one and not married and not preggers. Sounds familiar? But what's embarassing was that person said it so loud and your friend and his friend heard it and .. Laughed! It could get worst but like who do they think they are? Don't they have a life or at least a good manner? Actually what happened next was that I answered, ''Thanks, I take that as a compliment then,'' Only god knows how I felt. My confidence went down the hill. I was cursing inside. It killed my mood for shopping. BUT, after a not so long time thinking about it, HEY, I really should take that as an advantage. Like maybe that person was just being brutally honest with you. So, what I am about to say is that, what happened has its reasons. After what happened to me, I took about the way i dress and how I look like more seriously. That moment was embarassing, yes, but It woke me up to reality and I'm glad that happened sooner than later. But the next time this happens, you'll know what to do. Just smile and thank them. You'll need a strong confidence and start loving yourself before letting people love you.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

".. and losing you was the biggest mistake.. "

It is scary to see how fast december has dropped by.

What i can say about 2011? Well overall, it was bittersweet to think about all that had happened. Starting off with me moving to Putra Heights and I studied at SMK USJ 4 for a month. Then, I moved to SMK STAD in Seremban which was a huge experience so far. Throughout the time, i had my meltdowns and struggles and I got up and faced it. But you know what, I wont trade it for anything. I believe those experiences are those that make us stronger and let us build a new character of ourselves and we get to know something new about ourselves or someone else's. We get to learn to handle with situations and definitely learn from our mistakes. I know I did. A lot of drama throughout this year. But somehow It was somehow interesting. Think of it now, typing this, makes me laugh and giggle. I made true friends on this journey. I lost some too. But the most sad moment i faced was that I lost my Best Friend of all times, My Journal. I don't know where would it be now but, apart of me died because of you. I'm so sorry I was reckless and losing you was the biggest mistake. I hope wherever you are, you'll be as amazing. In that journal I wrote about everything that meant the world to me and that was the only thing that made me feel safe. But life goes on right? You guys reading this might laugh at me but this odd thing is what made me.. Me. :') gosh! I'm tearing up.
Lets continue.
I have gained other new experience too with my Public Speaking, hostel lifestyle, improving my Bahasa and all kinds. So, next year is going to be a major one. SPM is coming up. To make it even more complicated, I am moving back to SMK USJ 4 but I'm okay with it. I'm looking forward with what I'll go through again. To all my friends, Thank You for everything :') Take care.

With Lots of Love , Maisarah Zainal

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thank You

Maryam, Nadya and I met up for lunch at Atria, the place where i mostly called as my playground because I always go there all the time when I live here at Damansara. We ate at Nandos and I heard that they are going to tear down the building. Wow, what a change! I mean, yes I was kinda upset but we gotta change for the better right? I think Damansara itself have changed quite a bit since I left. Great. So, during lunch Maryam and Nadya bought me this slice of cake with vanilla ice - cream. It was nice! After that we went to Maryam's place and I decided to sleepover Maryam's place. How exciting! I miss her place and Maryam herself of course. How it would've been nice if Nadya could stayed longer but she couldn't. It's okay. Maybe the next time I'll see you guys again is next month during Maryam's cheerleading competition.

This morning , it felt good to wake up in Damansara again. Thank you Maryam and family.

5 June '11

Hakim (my brother) and I was brought to Genting Highlands from the afternoon until at night. Since it was my first time visiting Genting after once when i was a baby, which i don't think that counts, I did have fun. Unfortunately Maryam didn't get to follow to Genting with me so it was only me , Hakim, Hazim and Abah. It was crowded there but not too crowded. I arrived home exactly at 12 midnight 6 June because of the massive traffic towards Damansara that night. But overall, it wasn't bad at all. It was very adventurous and spontaneously fun. 

Hakim and I played those bumper cars! :)


Thank you for all you lovely people for your birthday wishes! Yes, I'm officially 16 yesterday. No, I didn't get my ideal birthday but it's okay. maybe this year's birthday isn't my best yet but i know i will have my sweet birthday someday. I didn't get the exact presents I wanted but it was thoughtful enough of my friends and family to take time and effort to wish me ''happy birthday!'' so I should be thankful. True, I would love to change the way it was celebrated but life still goes on right? I need to remind myself, Hey, there's always next year and once each year so don't worry. But through all the imperfections, it was a Sweet Sixteen after all.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

True Fact

my dream room :)


To all guys, you dont have to be a 'bad' guy to impress a girl. Be yourself and treat girls the way they should be treated. Dont get easily influenced by other guys. We, nice girls are not attracted to bad guys. Just for your information ;)