Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thank You

Maryam, Nadya and I met up for lunch at Atria, the place where i mostly called as my playground because I always go there all the time when I live here at Damansara. We ate at Nandos and I heard that they are going to tear down the building. Wow, what a change! I mean, yes I was kinda upset but we gotta change for the better right? I think Damansara itself have changed quite a bit since I left. Great. So, during lunch Maryam and Nadya bought me this slice of cake with vanilla ice - cream. It was nice! After that we went to Maryam's place and I decided to sleepover Maryam's place. How exciting! I miss her place and Maryam herself of course. How it would've been nice if Nadya could stayed longer but she couldn't. It's okay. Maybe the next time I'll see you guys again is next month during Maryam's cheerleading competition.

This morning , it felt good to wake up in Damansara again. Thank you Maryam and family.

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