Saturday, January 14, 2012

''.. fantasize about it .."

I just discover my brand new obsession with cameras!

Cameras to me is something everyone need to capture unique moments with your loved ones or simply being vain in an ordinary teenager's life, I know us girls do most of that. But even though its an obsession it doesn't mean I'm into ALL types of cameras. I am only interested in specifically 3 kinds which I find very interesting and cool in their own ways. So, I'm going to share my reasons why I simply adore each and one of them. I number them in a decrease numbering so that will show which one I like most.

The 3rd place goes to..



This camera is very vintage-looking, which I love! Its simply a toy camera because it's really light weighted but unique and it gives those kind of effects that an ordinary toy camera wouldn't offer. I choose yellow and white simply because I love yellow and the white colour gives it a more vintage feel to it instead of black. Most diana cameras are in all sorts of colours so you would have a good choice on which colour you might be looking for. The photos taken is really lomography and it also gives that soft and romantic effect. So 1960's! My downside about this camera would be the inconvenience. I find it hard for me because it's not instant.

2nd choice?


Obviously this camera is totally the opposite from the dianas. This is more modern because Its a digital camera, duh! I simply like this camera because of its effects and lens. Not to mention, the colour. Of course there are other colours as well. I can see myself with the camera almost anywhere. I can capture all kinds of photos like any digital cameras could. But what makes it unique to me is that it is like an ordinary digital camera in term of the size but the effects and details are just like those DSLR. I dislike DSLR because it is too big to hold and this, nikon 1 is ideal :) This also means my Tumblr, blog and facebook page will be spam with lots of photos.

my favourite of all is of course..



ITS GREAT AND FITS ME PERFECTLY! I've been in love with polaroids since I was little but I thought its no more available in stores but yay, they're here! Its very convenient because its instant. Snap it and it prints out! I do write in my journals so, basically these polaroids are more suitable for my theme. Very retro, vintage and yet, simple and beautiful. Its big but light weighted, and film are wide enough. But, yea, the films are very costly so only special moments will be captured with this camera.

So yea, that's about it. Everybody have obsessions and finally I have another one to keep me busy. But sadly, I don't have the money to own each one. Its simply an obsession on something I don't have yet but hopefully I will own one someday. No money, No talk right? haha. But knowing me, Talking about it in a blog and fantasize about it is no harm right? :)

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