Saturday, March 10, 2012


There's a global issue going on lately. Its about a man named Joseph Kony. I bet most of you have watched the video that went viral a few days ago. I was really moved by the 30 minutes video. It was long, yes, but It was worth my time. 30 minutes were enough for me to understood and get educated about the issue. Of course a few minutes after I've watched it, I did my part in spreading the news via twitter and facebook. That same night, it trended worldwide etc #StopKony2012 #MakeKonyFamous #InvisibleChildren and so on. Then, everyone was aware and was very supportive. Until one day, people claim it was a fraud and it was a total Bullsh*t. To be honest, I was deeply hurt inside. How could people say such a thing? I checked the total views on Kony 2012 video and It was over 2 mil but also over 20 000 people disliked it. I was shocked! A youtuber also encourage us to educate first before go all crazy about this issue. Honestly, we have to go all crazy about this. It was long overdue. He must be arrested and sent to justice this year, 2012. Still don't get it? check out this video below after you've done reading. What made me more frustrated was to see friends of mine who used to claim themselves supporters and now they just changed their mind. The true meaning of support is when you're 100% committed. Nothing can changed your mind. Nobody can tell you to stop supporting. Why would you claim yourself a supporter when you're clearly listening to what people have to say? Clearly you're not in it for the right reason. That's what I call, Two-Faced. Its sad for me to hear such a thing. To clear the air, I am SURE that JOSEPH KONY is out there! It is my responsibility to spread awareness too. If you're not interested. Fine. You're missing out. Heartless people go nowhere further in life anyways.

To all those true supporters out there, keep on spreading! It will never end until he is sent to justice. We can do this! Don't give up!

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