Thursday, February 16, 2012

You'll realized

Everyday you wake up, the sun haven't rises. You're awake but some parts of you felt dead. You're ready to walk out that front door. Knowing your loved ones expect a lot in you. There you are, standing as a grown man today. Everybody looked at you. They see a strong, confident person. Deep inside, you question everything. Your Destiny, Your Existence, even Your Life Purposes. You've been through all sorts of downs but never seem to be worth the energy to get back up.  But the true meaning of life is, you won't understand the why's and how's. You just gotta keep moving forward even though It hurts. Eventually, you'll realized all that matters during your existence is your choices. Its all up to you. You're depressed because you chose to continue with being one. so, Stop questioning, Start Living to the fullest.

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